What types of fabric shoe cabinets

In fact, the earliest cloth cabinets were developed from Taiwan. In the past, people went out to work. For convenience, they bought a cloth wardrobe to store their clothes. Today, cloth wardrobes have developed cloth shoe cabinets. The current fabric shoe cabinets are made of different materials, and there are many styles and styles. What are the types of fabric shoe cabinets? How to choose fabric shoe cabinets? Let's take a look with the editor of Juhao Home!
One : Fabric shoe cabinet types
1, canvas material cloth shoe cabinet
Canvas is a kind of thick cotton or hemp fabric, usually using plain weave, a small amount of twill weave. Canvas is generally divided into two categories, coarse canvas and fine canvas. Coarse canvas is also called awning cloth, which has good waterproof performance. It is used for the cover of automobile transportation and outdoor warehouses and tents in the wild. Fine canvas is used to make labor protection clothing and its supplies. After dyeing or printing, it can also be used as shoe materials, luggage fabrics, handbags, backpacks, tablecloths, tablecloths, etc. The simple shoe cabinet made of fine canvas has good quality, beautiful appearance and long service life. Although it is a simple shoe cabinet, it is not inferior to the solid wood shoe cabinet because of its good appearance and style. But the fine canvas shoe cabinet is better to use plain, because the colored canvas is easy to lose color, the shoe cabinet is not good.
2, Oxford cloth fabric shoe cabinet
Oxford cloth, also known as Oxford spinning, originated in the United Kingdom and is a traditional combed cotton fabric named after Oxford University. Oxford cloth began around 1900. Oxford cloth uses thinner combed high count yarns for double warp, and is interwoven with thicker weft yarns with flat weft. Oxford cloth is soft in color, soft in body, good in breathability, comfortable to wear, easy to wash and quick-dry, and is mostly used for shirts, sportswear and pajamas. Oxford cloth varieties are more fancy, there are plain, bleached, color warp white weft, color warp color weft, medium light color stripe pattern, etc .; there are also woven with polyester cotton yarn. The simple shoe cabinet fabric made of nylon Oxford cloth is based on the market with no fading, no deformation, and there are almost no shortcomings.
3, polyester cotton cloth fabric shoe cabinet
Polyester cotton is commonly known as good, referring to the polyester and cotton blended fabrics, using 65% -67% polyester and 33% -35% cotton blended yarn. Polyester cotton not only highlights the style of polyester, but also has the advantages of cotton fabrics.It has good elasticity and abrasion resistance in dry and wet conditions, stable size, and small shrinkage rate. . However, the simple shoe cabinet of polyester-cotton cloth is not resistant to dirt. The polyester fiber in the polyester-cotton cloth is a hydrophobic fiber. It has a strong affinity for oil stains and is easy to absorb oil stains. It is also prone to static electricity and dust during use, and it is difficult to wash. Iron with high temperature and soak in boiling water. The polyester-cotton coated with windproof and water-repellent surface is airtight and has better quality.