How to buy fabric shoe cabinet?

1.The plastic simple shoe cabinet is thick
The plastic simple shoe cabinet should choose thicker plastic material, this kind of shoe cabinet can be used longer. You can also choose a plastic shoe cabinet with metal pipes, but avoid moisture when using to prevent rust, because its metal pipes are cheap iron pipes. The plastic material is easy to age and be brittle, so plastic shoe cabinets can only be used indoors, not suitable for outdoor use. Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources such as stoves and radiators to prevent the joints of the veneer from expanding, degumming and melting. It is forbidden to knock hard objects on the board surface of plastic shoe cabinets, let alone use knives and sharp objects to cut on the board surface. Plastic shoe cabinets cannot withstand local vertical pressure and do not carry loads, so do not put too many shoes and other heavy objects into the plastic shoe cabinet. Only one pair of shoes can be placed in one shoe position.
2, cloth simple shoe cabinet pick Oxford cloth
The cloth simple shoe cabinets are better made of Oxford cloth, and the canvas is also very good. The worse ones are indeed cool cloths. The weak ones are non-woven fabrics, and now there are many non-woven simple shoe cabinets on the market. Pay attention to picking. The cloth simple shoe cabinet is relatively sturdy if it uses a stainless steel bracket, but pay attention to the thickness of stainless steel. The thickness is large enough to withstand a considerable weight, and the life of the shoe cabinet will be longer. Pay attention to the workmanship when selecting. Some cloth simple shoe cabinets are too poor in workmanship, the cloth surface is open, the specifications of the bracket are not uniform, the specifications of the plastic connector are not uniform, some are loose, some are tight, and it is troublesome to install.
The above content introduces the types of cloth shoes cabinets and the knowledge of how to choose cloth shoes cabinets. You can take a look and it will be of great help to our purchase. Cloth shoe cabinet is evolved from cloth wardrobe. It also has the function of placing items, and is light and affordable. For more information on fabric wardrobes, shoe racks, etc., please stay tuned to Juhao Home.