What kind of cloth wardrobe is good
Many families do not want furniture to occupy too much space, so convenient assembly furniture is very popular. Cloth wardrobes are among them. Cloth wardrobes are simple wardrobes that are convenient and easy to disassemble. Many families will buy one. What is good and how to choose?
I also have a deep understanding of the selection of cloth wardrobes. I have encountered cloth wardrobes that have been assembled with great effort. It has not been used for a few days. It is either crooked or broken, or it is rusty. It can’t be washed off the clothes... In order for everyone to buy a perfect cloth wardrobe with glamour, I will elaborate on what kind of cloth wardrobe is good, mainly pay attention to the following 7 points:
1, material
When choosing the material of the cloth wardrobe, we can’t just pursue good looks, but durability is the most important thing.
Generally, the materials used for cloth wardrobes are gauze-free cloth; the most popular material is sun flower board, which is more durable and better-looking compared with gauze-free cloth; ultra-thick Oxford cloth is also very commonly used, very durable, but the price is very high It is recommended to buy cloth wardrobes made of Oxford cloth if you have more clothes; there is also canvas, which is very durable and very resistant to dirt. The quality is the best and the price is the most expensive. There will be a peculiar smell when you buy it. Put it before use. Let it dry on the balcony.
2, scroll wheel
The rollers of the cloth wardrobe are also very important, mainly depending on the wear resistance, non-slip and pressure resistance of the wheels.
The rollers of good-quality cloth wardrobes are generally made of carbon fiberglass. The rollers have balls inside, which are easy to push and pull, wear-resistant, and not easy to deform. Therefore, it is best to choose cloth wardrobes with such wheels. Listen to whether the wheel noise is severe when pushing or pulling.
3, structural stability
The structural stability has a lot to do with the service life of the cloth closet. It mainly depends on the skeleton. The skeleton of the cloth closet generally uses steel pipes. It depends on the thickness and weight of the steel pipe. The heavier the steel pipe, the better the stability and durability. , It’s best to hang up your clothes to see if it is stable.
4. The tightness of the wardrobe
The degree of airtightness of the cloth wardrobe is also very important. If the airtightness is not good, it is easy to get dust. Some cloth wardrobes will get damp in rainy days. Good quality cloth wardrobes are generally designed with zipper, and there is a spacer at the bottom of the cloth wardrobe. Effectively prevent dust from entering.
5, design structure
It depends on what kind of cloth wardrobe is easy to use. A reasonable design structure is very important. For example, some cloth wardrobes also humanely follow ergonomics to design a reasonable height, so that they will not be sore when used, and some are still Intimate designs such as mirrors will be set on the cloth wardrobe, and you can choose according to your needs when purchasing.
6, ease of assembly
The cloth wardrobe is bought with a lot of assembly parts. Whether the assembly is convenient and simple also needs to be considered. Otherwise, if you don’t know how to assemble it, you will lose it. It is best to understand the installation method first. It is not troublesome and the design is reasonable. The cloth wardrobe can be installed with only two hands, no other tools are needed, and the installation time generally does not exceed 0.5 hours.
I believe everyone should have already figured out what kind of cloth wardrobe is good. You must pay attention to the above points when purchasing. You will choose a better cloth wardrobe. It is recommended to choose canvas, and then heavier. Not easy to shake.