Five tips teach you how to choose a cloth wardrobe, practicality is the key!
There are coups for choosing a cloth wardrobe. Five techniques teach you how to choose a cloth wardrobe. Practicality is the key!
Wardrobe is one of the indispensable furniture in our daily life. Simple cloth wardrobe is easy to install and easy to move, so it is very suitable for friends who work in other places. However, there are many brands of simple wardrobe on the market, and the quality is also uneven. What is simple wardrobe? Good fabric? Let's take a look at the editor below.
One: the practicality of simple cloth wardrobes, cloth wardrobes should still pay attention to practicability, strong storage function, easy to use is the characteristics of cloth wardrobes, these two points are the first consideration for buying cloth wardrobes. Two: the environmental protection of cloth wardrobes. The surface fabric and skeleton of cloth wardrobes contain formaldehyde. The formaldehyde content of good quality cloth wardrobes must be less than 0.9mg/100mg. You can check the environmental protection certificate when purchasing.
Three: The structure of the cloth closet is stable. The stability and ease of assembly of the cloth closet are very important. The cloth closet usually needs to hang clothes in a cool way. Whether it is strong or not is directly related to the service life. So when choosing, pay attention to the stability of the wardrobe frame structure. Four: hardware accessories. The hardware of the cloth wardrobe includes carbon steel, titanium alloy and aluminum alloy. Different materials are directly related to the stability of the structure. If you find any damage, do not buy it.
Five: Convenience of assembly. The cloth wardrobe is bought from the merchant and assembled by ourselves. We need to assemble according to the instruction manual. If the accessories are complete, if we can’t assemble it by ourselves, it will be used multiple times in the future. Very troublesome. So it must be easy to assemble.